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Our Updated Website Has a new Blog area!

Our website has recently gone through some changes and now we are up and running.  With more interaction and more ability to communicate with our peops, this website is an exciting addition to our health journeys.  I typically write  a small newsletter for the office called: the Health Alert, if you have not been in for a few weeks, you could miss this newsletter.  It has newer information I come across during the days.  So my first post I wanted to send you our newest ridiculously exciting program to bring our health experience to a whole new level.  So here you go:



The Wellness Program That will change your health forever!


            So if you have looked around you may have seen these posters on the wall of our office with this word G.R.O.W. on them.  G.R.O.W. stands for Groups Realizing Optimal Well-being (Allison, my daughter thinks it should be named G.R.O.W.B. lol).

We designed the program, so you will see nothing like it.  The unique aspect we wanted to incorporate is that no matter where you are in your health journey you can use it as a tool.  For example, if you already have a diet or exercise plan in place, you can still do those and incorporate the G.R.O.W. program.  If you do not have something like that in place we will help you with it at your pace.

So here is how it works, we do an extremely detailed evaluation including a questionnaire, blood work, and a fitness test (or a questionnaire depending on where you are at physically).  We take all of this information and create a lifestyle score.  This score determines a principle called allosteric load.  In a nutshell allosteric load is a calculation of stressors placed on your health that limit your ability to be healthy.  To improve it, you work with us for the next three months on a plan of action in all areas of your life.

Once we have created the plan and see how it is going weekly, we re-do the testing, and then create a plan for 6 months.  Our doctors and staff will be there as much as you need throughout the process.  Then at 12 months we retest you one more time.

By doing it this way we believe you will begin to see the remarkable changes that you can attain.  You will be shocked at how your blood work numbers change in just a short time frame.  Please watch to watch Dr. James Chestnut talk about the concept.  G.R.O.W. is about helping you create a new life experience with their own health and well-being.

It is a way that will help you in creating the ultimate health experience on your time.

It is about giving you something that you can consistently do everyday that will lead you to a new understanding of living a healthy life.

Designed programs that we try to follow, whether it be diet or exercise come and go, because they are not set up for your day to day lifestyle.  G.R.O.W. is all about your lifestyle, so it is so easy to implement you will be amazed after the first week.

So ask Jeanna, Amy or your chiropractor on starting the program, you will be extremely happy you did.



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  1. Peggy Myers says
    Jun 25, 2013 at 12:07 PM

    You will have to explain grow to me. Just checking in.

    • says
      Jun 25, 2013 at 12:09 PM

      Yeah, we will talk, very simple, but powerful amount of information.

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