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Our latest health alert, My favorite health recipe for making sauer Kraut!

Bi-Weekly Health Alert

Mental Attitude: Add 7.5 years to your life!  Have a positive outlook every day.  Do not get pulled into the negative talk of the world and just begin to appreciate your time right now!

Health Alert: Vitamin D3 is essential to a healthy body. To supplement it is good for us in Michigan, but remember, good, safe, sun exposure is the absolute best way to get your Vitamin D so get out as soon as possible. The more skin area exposed the better Vitamin D is created (I am not condoning running around naked, and if you thought that I am proud of you :) )

Diet: See below for my favorite pro-biotic food on the planet sauer kraut and how I make it for our family!

Exercise: Pivot, when doing your exercise routine it is important that you do things that make your trunk rotate. Oblique muscle exercises are vital to strength of your core and lower back. Look up oblique training on Google and you will get an entire list of exercises to do.

Chiropractic: Know someone that is tired of taking a meals worth of medication? Ask them if they have ever considered consulting with a chiropractor? The chiropractic lifestyle changes lives every day through focusing on constant alignment within the body, making our bodies work better everyday. We have had to many people to count begin to understand taking care of your overall body function which then led to less need for medication.

Wellness/Prevention: When you start to attack your spring cleaning, use it as a fitness routine. I have a friend that is in peak shape, his secret is to make day to day tasks an athletic event. When he does this he does not have to live in a gym, he can just go shovel dirt, move things, clean things up etc.

Quote: I need a six month vacation, twice a year.

Making Sauer Kraut:

Jeromy’s way

Chopped cabbage into fine strips usually two to three heads

Set in a bowl with sea salt (I usually go by taste on this start with maybe 2 tablespoons)

1 tablespoon of caraway seeds

Hand mix it in a bowl

Let it set for two hours

Squeeze as much juice out as possible and then take your cabbage and juice and put in a mason jar

Make sure all cabbage is covered by juice you created take a shot glass to press down on the top of the cabbage and cover is with a jar lid with holes in it for the gas to escape.

Wait 4 days and enjoy. It will continue to be good as long as you have it.

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