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Hi all this is the health newsletter I like to do at the office

Hello everyone

This is the biweekly health newsletter I like to create in the office.  I thought sharing it via computer would be a good read for you.

Bi-Weekly Health Alert

Mental Attitude: Visualizing how you intend your day to go when you wake up in the morning can be extremely powerful, make everyday seem like your waking up on Friday is a great thing to start with.

Health Alert:   If you’ve noticed, one of the most popular drugs is anything to do with testosterone replacement or enhancement, there is an alternative, not very well known, but ask Dr. Jeromy for more information.

Diet:  Vitamin D3 is a great supplement for us Michiganders.  Ask your chiropractor, for that proper amount, but it is fantastic for the immune system during the winter months.

Exercise:  Try this:  in a door opening, walk into the door with your palms facing the door, and stretch your shoulders and chest.  This is a great move for computer users or other sit down jobs for neck and shoulder areas.

Chiropractic:  Did you know we can treat Wrists?  The wrist is very important in many conditions, in fact I have had a patient with a shoulder problem that it ended up being just in his wrist.

Wellness/Prevention:  Build a snow fort.  You need the sun exposure for more vitamin D and your kids need you for the heavy liftingJ

Quote: “A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.”  Jerry Seinfeld

Upcoming Speaking events here at Myers Chiropractic (guests are always welcome):

January 28th 6:00 – Bring your Shoes!  This night will be about what chiropractic can do for your hip, knee, and foot conditions

Febuary 25th Webinar – What is the GROW program? 

March 25th 6:00 – Learn about the art of living a chiropractic lifestyle – simple approaches to improving your health each and every day.

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