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Here is our latest Health Alert enjoy!

Bi-Weekly Health Alert

Mental Attitude:  This week take out a piece of paper and draw.  Draw what your ideal day would look like, where you would be, what you would be doing.  It made me smile so much when Lexie, my daughter and I were doing this at home.   I thought we should all do this now and then.

Health Alert:  How do you arm yourself in any outbreak?  Make sure you are as healthy as you can be.  In this season of colds and flus discipline yourself in your eating, moving, and resting you know what you can do, so do it everyday.

Diet:  With dinner try making a side of soup.  Using organic beef or chicken, it aids tremendously in digestion.  When you have great digestion you have a great immune system.

Exercise:  Have you ever heard of Mountain climbers?  Mountain climbers are a fantastic exercise to do for your entire body when you are pressed for time.  Get in the push up position and bring your knee to your chest.  Do as many as you can and you will feel a burn.  It is a great core exercise.

Chiropractic:  Send us your friends and family that are hurting due to a frozen shoulder, we have a technique now that has had tremendous results and we need more people that have it.

Wellness/Prevention:  we are excited to offer an amazing orthotic that not only is biomechanically the best out there it is also only $40.00.  That is 10 to 20 dollars less than the best you can get at stores.  Ask us about it next time you are in the room they are worth it.

Quote:   What’s another word for Thesaurus? Steven Wright
Upcoming Speaking events here at Myers Chiropractic (guests are always welcome):

Monday December 15th  - 6:00 pm Learn about chiropractic can change how you move with any feet, knees, elbows, wrist, and especially shoulder problems.  We will be showing you how Chiropractic can help these parts of your body as well as giving extremity adjustments for free!  Win a chance at a free massage as well!

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