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Here is March's Health Alert

This is something I like to put together for our waiting room, I am going to make it a habit of posting here so enjoy, and if you have any questions on any topic within the alert email me.

Bi-Weekly Health Alert

Mental Attitude:  Put a 50 or 100 dollar bill in your wallet or purse, but do not spend it.  Then go imaginary shopping, buy things without actually buying it.  You will have fun with it and attract more wealth into your life.

Health Alert:   Research has discovered a few nutritional supplements that are great for your heart, resveratrol is one that is found in grapes and can now be in supplement form.

Diet:  Now that the diet time in America has somewhat passed, it is time to truly look for ways to get health and trim that will not stress your organs.  Ask your doctor about the GROW program, It is not a diet but a health training that will give you the tools to improve your health and vitality.

Exercise:  Balancing on one foot is a pivotal part of the nervous system for your lower back.  Practicing this can strengthen your entire body.  If someone has lower back trouble, even the best athlete has trouble with this.

Chiropractic:  Did you know if a person sees an MD first for low back pain they are 45.6% likely will go to surgery, while if a person sees a chiropractor first, for the same low back pain, they are 1.5% likely to have to go to surgery.  Interesting food for thought.

Wellness/Prevention:  Stretching after your workout is a huge benefit in both strength and you will actually get more out of your stretching.

Quote:   “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Audrey Hepburn
Upcoming Speaking events here at Myers Chiropractic (guests are always welcome):

(rescheduled due to weather)

March 25th Webinar – What is the GROW program? 

April 22th 6:00 – Learn about the art of living a chiropractic lifestyle – simple approaches to improving your health each and every day.

May 20th 6:00 – Muscle test yourself! A fun night where I will show you how to muscle test through applied kinesiology. 





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