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A Random Idea from Dr. J

I have always been one that may have been diagnosed with an attention problem when I was a kid.  I have to admit I have alot of crazy ideas, but here is one that may help out dealing with the cold temperatures.  I asked a chicken farmer what they have to do to keep their chickens warm.  They said you make sure they have plenty of water and their bodies will regulate that.

Now I do not know the physiology behind that yet, I am researching it, but I do know that it makes complete sense.  How are you handling the colder temperatures?  If you are not handling as well as you had in the past maybe it is time to get some water in yah.

One of the major stressors we see, that causes muscle pain this time of year is becoming dehydrated.  Try drinking a tall glass of agua, make sure it is not to cold, your stomach does not like that kind of wake up call!

Making sure you are hydrated and the weather may not hit you so hard.  Take it from the farmers it just may work!

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